Belenus (pronounced "BELL-ehn-us") is one of the chief gods of the Common pantheon, residing in a palace at the top of Mount Celestia. An active god, Belenus wishes to eradicate the influence of the Underworld on the Material Plane, though he is a merciful god. He commands a majority of the angels on the Mountain, and is attended by an ancient brass dragon named Mjolnir.

Description[edit | edit source]

Belenus teaches a message of vigilance, purity, and justice. His followers are to be wary of the influence of the Lower Planes on themselves or those around them, and are expected to stand against any corruption of that nature.

While his worship is very common, especially around the Bay of Anor, Belenus is by no means a peaceful god. He is a god of war, and his clerics and paladins are expected to actively seek out evil and destroy it.

When Belenus himself goes into battle, he wields a great glaive.

His current champion is Dawnseer Meril, who resides in the Temple of Radiance in Tiv.

Worship[edit | edit source]

The most holy day of the year for worshipers of Belenus is the Summer Solstice, when the day lasts longest. The Solstice Feast is celebrated widely throughout the Plane, and lasts from dawn till dusk.

The devout of Belenus pray in a form that is called the Way of Radiance. It is a series of "prayers" that are not so much words as a series of exercises, designed for warriors to use. Some prayers are stretches, while others are attack forms and patterns to be used in combat. Laymen perform many steps in the Way, especially at certain times of day, accompanied by a chant that has eight lines:

"My strength is the sun's blaze - my peace is in peace for others - my sight is to find goodness - my ears are to discern what is right - my hands shall serve justice without chaos - my heart shall beat for my people - my back shall bear those who call for aid - my feet shall follow the Way."

Forms of the Way of Radiance: Rising Sun, Casting Shadows, Gentle Light, Dappled Beams, Sunlight through Branches, Light over Water, Shifting Beams, Blazing Noon, Sun and Sky.

In addition to the clerics and paladins of Belenus, a sect of monks known as the Golden Knights also follows his Way. Trained in the art of martial combat, exemplifying and studying the Way of Radiance their whole lives, these monks are living weapons, instruments of the will of Belenus. More focused in meditation and flowing, moving combat than a cleric or paladin, these are not granted divine magic in the same capacity as a divine caster, but are instead powerful melee warriors.

His greatest temple on the Material Plane resides in Tiv.

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